About Us & This Blog

Bio PictureWelcome to the 8 Point Marketing & Design blog. Who are we? Well, it’s actually just me, Rolando (Roland for short) Jimenez. My friends call me Bones, you can call me whatever. I am a full-time creative marketing consultant offering a wide variety of services spanning across all facets of design, marketing and branding backed by 20 years of experience. My focus is within the fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation industries but I do work with a wide variety of clients.

This blog is simply an outlet for me to speak my thoughts and offer advice as it relates to marketing, design and branding and point of communication regarding my latest projects. Be sure to stick around or if you prefer, follow me on Facebook or Twitter where I will be sure to post updates on any new blog entries.

No BS here, I am in the business to make business for my clients and of course myself. I do invite you to visit my website. If you are interested in my services, let’s get right to it feel free to call me at (512) 730-1888 or email me.

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